Our Story

The Loft Coffee Bar was founded in December 2016 by Tim & Devyn Gunn along with Debbie Brunette, Devyn's mother. They wanted to start a family business that would allow their 3 daughters a safe place to work. Their love for coffee, family, and community provided a great foundation to begin a business. The Loft has remained successful in providing consistently high quality custom beverages and food to the downtown Everett area. 

"We wanted to create an environment that is built with community love, where relationships are built and fostered."


We are dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service to our customers and our community.  This is accomplished by hiring respectful and knowledgeable employees who can give you the same incredible experience time after time.  Our baristas are professionally trained to make virtually any coffee beverage you request.  We are passionate about making your experience excellent  with each and every visit.


We want to create a unique experience for our customers by serving the highest quality coffee and making sure every one of our customers feel like they are at home when they step into our coffee shop.

The Loft aims to become a local favorite coffee shop that is known for pleasing the customer through consistency in the taste of our drinks and efficiency in the service provided, every single time.